|Photos taken by Alan Kahn in the Lakes District in England. (We won’t be going to the lakes, but i’m using the photos anyway.)

  • July 29th to August 5th (It’s a 8 day trip – AIRPORTS: EWR to LHR – direct)
  • There is an info meeting for parents/students on Sun., Nov. 18 in the upstairs classroom @ 12:15pm
  • Missions Trip Application due by Friday, Nov. 30th along with $200 deposit.
    Write the check out to “CCOB” and earmark the memo “Impact England Missions”.
  • Cambridge, England.
  • We are excited about this year’s trip to England. We will be taking a flight from Newark into Heathrow on July 29th and return on August 5th. We will be the first real missions team to visit the Rozeks since they embarked from their time at Calvary Old Bridge into Cambridge, England in 2007! We will be staying with Pastor Joey and his family in Cambridge, supporting his fellowship, focusing on outreach, running a VBS, and evangelizing to the local community to spread the good news.
  • A Passport is required.  If you are praying about going on this missions trip please begin the process of securing a passport now. It’s good to have a passport anyway.
  • *$1599 per person. You will also be able to send out support letters to family and friends.
  • PRAY! This is not a vacation. This is an opportunity to serve your God. If you are praying about this trip you must have a consistent relationship with Jesus. That means you must be reading your Bible daily to be even considered. Serving Jesus comes from an overflow of what God is doing in your life. Please take a missions trip application form and return it to Alan Kahn ASAP.
  • Please email (alan@ccob.org) or call (732-479-0604) Alan Kahn with any questions you may have about this mission’s trip..