Today we spent our whole day at Calvary Chapel Kaposvar where George and Icu serve as missionaries. We had two big projects. The first was giving the church a fresh coat of paint. It hadn’t been painted for 8 years and the previous paint job was done with cheap paint that showed its age. George was happy to have the help of so many additional hands.

The other big project was helping with the thrift shop that is attached to the church. The thrift shop has many benefits, not only is it a means of supporting the church but it serves as an outreach to the community (a mother and her daughter came to VBS as a result of the thrift shop). There was lots of organizing to be done and Icu was thrilled to Have so much help. One lady came into the thrift shop and asked what all of it was about. Icu explained that it is a part of the church, and the lady remarked at how nice everyone was. Icu took the opportunity to explain that our kindness was due solely to God’s grace.

Once the projects were done, we had an hour of English class for local Hungarians. Icu and George teach English at their church on Wednesdays, and today we were guests to the class. We all enjoyed answering questions from the Hungarian students and sharing small facts about ourselves. After, we had an informal church gathering, where some of the church members came out to worship and hear testimonies. We lead our time of worship, singing two Hungarian worship songs we had learned and two English worship songs. There was a couple from Britain who weren’t initially planning on coming to the meeting but decided to join us. Both the husband and the wife were emotional and the wife shared how seeing the young people worship touched her in an unexpected way. The testimonies from 2 of our students were also very encouraging to us all.

When we got back to our hotel, all the students agreed that though the day was long with tedious work, it was fun, encouraging, and enjoyable. We learned not to despise the small things, like organizing a shop, painting a wall, or sharing a few songs.

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