Today, we started out with a powerful and timely message by Pastor Joey on being vocal about our faith. It was exactly what we needed to hear and really stirred some things within us. We made a new song unto the Lord! Afterwards, we went to get some Cornish Pasties and then our final day evangelizing in Cambridge. More divine appointments sprung up left and right. A group of Chinese international students came up to our table saying, “Is this the NEW TESTAMENT?!” and rejoicing over their free copy. Crazy stuff! We have literally reached HUNDREDS of people from around the world on this trip. Who knows what the Lord is doing? At night, we were just relaxing and talking about the past week over some ice cream at St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church. As we gleaned from each other and learned, the Spirit moved suddenly and we got into an intense time of prayer. The gifts were at work and we saw people released from bondage!! I can’t do it justice in this post, all I can say is that God is challenging us to be VOCAL about our faith, and He is doing a work starting in us now. Pray for our safety and our continued mission! THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

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