It’s day two!

Today we started off with a proper English breakfast and then headed over to meet Pastor Joey at the Round Church. Joey gave us a Cambridge history tour that gave us insight into how Christianity spread to America and how the Bible was brought to the English speaking world by the hand of God!

What was especially exciting is that Joey’s passion for God in giving us a tour around the city naturally brought in local people passing by. One young woman came and sat in one church as Joey spoke about D.L. Moody travelling to Cambridge and preaching the gospel. She was moved to tears and Pastor Joey and pastoral intern James spoke to her afterwards for a good 20 minutes or so. She is only in England for 2 days, has come by herself, and admitted she had never read the Bible or heard about the good news of Jesus before, but knew God was speaking to her! Another conversation with a young Muslim man who is studying physics was brought about by the tour. It was so special to our team to see our ability to influence when we are open to the Spirit’s leading.

Right now we are hanging back at the hostel, excited for a full week of ministry!