What a day!

It was overcast and cold today, so there weren’t many people in the green of Parker’s Piece. Instead, the market was flooded with people. We decided to take our skit to the marketplace and we saw huge crowds surrounding us to watch! It’s so interesting…that as soon as the name of God is mentioned, people scatter and lose interest…but as we progressed throughout the day, we saw crowds stay as we gave an open door to speak to us about Jesus.

There were so many great conversations that were had. Many people were open, and we saw that many just had never heard the good news of Jesus before. Many just believe that Christianity is about dead religion, and they really don’t realize it’s about the relationship.

As we compile the highlight video, you’ll be able to see exactly what we did and hear testimonies from our team.

At night, we had our youth outreach at the local YMCA. Alan conducted a Q&A panel of teens that were able to share their testimonies, we performed the skit, and Alan delivered a message called “The Verdict”, all about making a decision for Jesus. People were saved and many saints were further sanctified by the watering of the Word. It was really exciting to witness and we all left encouraged and filled with joy.

Thanks for praying, we have been blessed beyond our expectations!! Tomorrow is Easter and we are excited to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour at Calvary Cambridge!