Today was our first full day of service, and it sure was a full day! We started off in the morning by visiting a local old folks home. George and Icu have been going there for 15 years to teach the Bible and love on the people! We had planned on sharing some songs we learned inHungarian as well as a skit that communicated the gospel. Today was the first time we actually sang our Hungarian songs and performed our skit for a Hungarian audience so everyone was definitely a bit apprehensive at first. But it all turned out great! Even in spite of the language barrier we were to able to communicate the love of Christ through our presence with the residents. In addition, after the skit, we shared the gospel and George was able to translate for the residents. The residents were so grateful. One woman hurried to eat her lunch just so that she could spend more time with us before we left!

Later in the afternoon, we went to George and Icu’s church where we hosted a vacation Bible school for the local community. We had about 10 children plus parents and a variety of stations including glitter tattoos, face painting, gospel necklaces (present the gospel using colored beads), balloon animals, and Bible coloring sheets. After playing with the kids, we had a time of song and shared the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. The teens did a wonderful job in every aspect, from the stations, to singing, to leading the lesson. It was a good preliminary run for our other VBS on Thursday!

Our big takeaway today was being reminded of the image of God impressed upon each and every person. We served people along the whole spectrum of life, from children to the elderly. People who we didn’t even share the same language or culture. Yet each person had indelible worth as someone created in God’s image, and being reminded of that afresh was a wonderful lesson. We are excited for what the Lord has for us tomorrow!

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