(The wi-fi is slow at the hotel, so I will upload more pictures tomorrow)

Short post for today. We spent our final day of service today at the Castle in Vajta. The conference center is associated with Calvary Chapel Budapest and it was hosting a conference for pastors and their families from Serbia. The conference ended Friday night and we were on clean up duty for Saturday. The team at Vajta was so grateful to have us. Cleaning and resetting the castle is no small feat so adding 14 pairs of extra hands was a huge blessing.

After serving from 10–3 pm we went to Budapest to have dinner with Árpád and his family, a missionary our church supports, who was previously the director of the Bible College but has recently started pastoring a church in the city. We were able to hear what the Lord is doing through him and his wife in Budapest. It’s always an encouragement to hear how the Lord is at work in other parts of the world.

Tomorrow we will be worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Calvary Golgota and then spending the day touring the city before heading home Monday. It’s been a great week!

Please pray for Taylor Walters. She has had a boot on all week due to a fractured foot. She has been doing great, but being on her feet all the time is definitely taking its toll. We’re praying she will get the needed rest this evening.