.Where do I even start with today? I wish I was in person with so many of you to just let you know how God’s Spirit is being poured out here. This morning, we had a chance to share some testimonies before we began our time evangelizing in the park…and needless to say, the Spirit moved and the gifts were used! A word of prophecy was spoken…I can’t even begin to explain what happened there this morning, but there was weeping and brokenness. God wants to stir up his people, and I am SO thankful that He has chosen us.

From there, we began our day at the park, and although the weather started out with rain, it cleared up just in time for us to evangelize. The 5 hours went by so fast, as I saw so many students pairing up with others that they never usually talk to, in order to share the Word with the lost!

My internet time is running out, but, I must add that at night, we had a sweet time of fellowship with the Youth Group of CC Cambridge: “More Than Conquerors”. Andrew led us in an interactive Bible study, with some fun illustrative games and a great time mixing our students with their students…sharing God’s love.

Tomorrow is our last FULL day of Evangelism…Let’s pray that God works even MORE powerfully!!

Check out the photos from today HERE