Today was SUCH a blessing!

We rode the bus over to a local public highschool and were able to speak at two different Religious Education classes. Our teens were quizzed on their faith and religious upbringing and they were allowed to speak freely about Jesus! There were a bunch of students at the high school who had some thought provoking questions and it really seemed to resonate with them.

Afterward, we were able to put on our skit we created during lunchtime for any student who wanted to watch. Over 100 teens came to watch us perform and afterwards, both Alan and Pastor Joey were able to speak on the meaning of life. Our entire group was able to follow up with conversations with teens for about an hour. It was amazing! Opportunities like this are UNHEARD OF!! So many great conversations and breaking up fallow ground so we could plant the good seed of the Word of God.

What’s really amazing is to see how many of our group is pressing in and engaged 24/7 in the mission of God. Praying without ceasing, singing songs to the Lord…this is what it’s all about!

We concluded our evening by attending Calvary Cambridge’s midweek Bible study.

Tomorrow we have Good Friday service, youth group, and more outreach!