Greetings from Hungary!!

We are excited to give you a team update on what’s happening over here. We had a long 20 hours or so of travel on Tuesday and got here yesterday evening. After trying to get to bed early, we woke up this morning in the town of Vac and the people from Calvary Chapel Vac were gracious to give us a tour of their beautiful town. After lunch, we spent some time with a few refugee boys at a local refugee camp. We wanted to play with them and perform our skit to show them the love of Jesus. We learned a lot from the short time that we had. They couldn’t speak Hungarian or much English, so we did the best we could to spend time with these young people who traveled from the Middle East as young as 11 years old to come find refuge and safety.

Afterwards we came back to the place we are staying and had a time of debriefing.

Pray for us as a lot of us are going through some heavy jet-lag! Thanks much!!